Saturday, November 07, 2015

Self Intro~Biodata

It's been along time i'm not updating my blog. Been along time i'm not open it up after the last time i'm using it. So here i am again in another year which almost end of 2015 lol. Never thought that i'm still remember this email and pass. Such a long way of memories are here but cut it off. Because now i'm here, need to do my assignment gave by my lecturer about my self introduction or biodata ☺

Name : Nurulia AnnisaNickname : Annisa, Nisa.
Bornday : Pekanbaru,July-25-1992
Status : Not married yet (Single)
Address : Karya 1, Pelalawan Alley-Marpoyan Damai (Pekanbaru)
Last study : Degree of English Education Department in Islamic University of Riau 2014
Continuing study : Master degree of Educational Management in Riau University
Hobby : Singing, Learn any languages, Swimming, most of all is sleeping..haha
Email :
Line : Fabmeh.ann
Wechat : FreakAnn_
Skype : Annisa.hime

That's all about me. If there are anything to ask, leave or give it try in the comment box at the right side. Thank you, Arigatou, Kamsahamnida~~